Monday, January 24, 2011

Colored Gems are Special Too

My daily commute into Chi-City is about an hour and fifteen minutes. I pass a Illinois Lottery billboard every day, so I day dream about what I'll do with my millions when I win them, but I also listen to the radio to help pass the time.

Eric & Kathy on 101.9 is my go-to every morning, but during commercials or when it gets slow, I tend to flip to other morning shows.

I got really offended recently, because I heard that other morning show bring up what they thought was an interesting story. The radio hosts mentioned that there's strange new trend going around, as a direct result of the royal engagement and Prince passing on Princess's Di's sapphire E-ring. Apparently, more and more people are now receiving gemstone rings for their engagement ring.

The three hosts then went on to talk about how awful and weird that trend is. One host said that, "No way. Even if my girl said that's what she wanted, I wouldn't get that for her. It's got to be a diamond ring." The female host said, "Maybe... if the girl didn't like diamonds, but probably not." And the main host chimed in that that there was no way he would buy someone an engagement ring that showcase a gemstone.

The three hosts went on for a while like this, and then they accepted one phone call. The caller said she had received a ruby necklace as her E-ring. That's what she wanted, and that's what she had asked her (future) fiance to get for her.

The radio hosts almost didn't believe the caller, and they made it clear that they thought it was strange.


Now, I'm a gemstone E wearer myself. My E-ring is exactly what I wanted and I would not have picked anything different, if I had been able to choose it myself. I love my e-ring and Mr. Giraffe did an amazing job.You've seen my ring before, but I can't help sneaking it in there again.

Anyway, I find it hard to believe that people can't accept gemstone rings as just as special and important as a standard diamond rings. I've gotten some comments about my ring in the past that definitely indicated that those people may have not thought about my ring the way I do. At the time, I was clearly flustered and didn't know what to say.

With everything an engagement ring means and is supposed to represent, I find it a little offensive that people can just write them off as not quite e-ring worthy.

So, hive, I'm going to show you all, because you might not know, just how awesome a gemstone (E)ring can be. Enjoy :)... but don't get too jealous, there's enough to go around.

Has anyone else had a nonfavorable reaction to their ring? What did you do about it?