Wednesday, January 5, 2011

DIY Save the Dates: Finally!

H to the Ive, I hope you're excited because now that I've finally found my camera cord (aka bought a new one), I can share more photos with you!

Where we last were, I didn't choose an STD, then I designed a million save the dates, and then we finally decided onone, and then realized I needed a postcard to put that sucker on. Phew! Good things that we're past those crazy steps!

Anyway, enough with the talk; here's the goods!

Of course, I wasn't thinking when I took the photo on a super distracting carpet so I just Photoshopped it out. Hope you all don't mind! Also - apparently the light in my basement is super yellow and I'm lazy and didn't feel like color correcting my images so ummm, just pretend it's not so yellow :).
What our guests saw, a nice little touch of a blue stamp on the front and on the back!

Wait! I'm forgetting something; those perfect little stamps we bought to finish it off!

I know - the stamps just fit so well! They make me smile!

I'm not quite finished yet; I still have to share the assembly and, everyone's faovrite, the budget breakdown!

I was so excited to send these suckers on their way. Who else was totally excited to get their STDs out the door?