Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Invitation Inspiration: Stripes

So we've talked, and you guys might have thought that I gave you all the inspiration I had, but you all are wrong! There is even more invitation inspiration to share! I already mentioned traditional, floral, and ampersand themed invitations, and today we're on to something always cool and fun, the striped invites.

These suckers are surprisingly fresh, with a little touch of prep, wrapped up in a whole lot of awesome.

Now, I know you're not all here to listen to me talk about how nice these look; you're here to see the photos! So here you go, enjoy!

I feel like this wedding should rent an ice cream truck for the big day. (Love those summer colors!)
I know this is a Birthday Party Invitation, but I can picture it being used for another Big Day.
This may be one of my fave invitations of all time. The soft and summery colors, the retro feel, the 45° angle of the stripes, and the buttery background color all work together so well to make something awesome.

I don't know if its the preview or not, but how funny would it be to see an invitation that literally says "wedding invitation" ?
I love how stripes can look super contemporary.
Stripes on an angle are some of the best stripes!
It's so exciting to see a whole striped suite together!

There you have it, hive, more stripes than you know what to do with! But seriously, I love them!

What about you guys? Anyone choosing a stripey invite?