Friday, February 11, 2011

Boom Boom Boom, Even Brighter than the Moon

Yes, that title is Katy Perry reference, but I had to find something to accurately describe my excitement. Actually, I can't even find words for my excitement.

You see, I got some big news today hive, big.

To understand this though, I have to give some back story.

See, Daddy G, who is awesome on all accounts, has a very unique job for a living. How unique you ask? Well, it's a little something like this:


That is correct! Daddy G does fireworks for his living. That's what he does, that's his job; he's kind of a rock star. He works for a super rad company called Melrose Pyrotechnics. I know, a lot of folks don't know there are such things as fireworks companies, but there really are.

For all you other Chicago locals out there, I'm sure you've seen Daddy G's stuff around. Navy Pier, Taste of Chicago, the White Sox, the Chicago Bears, Millennium Park? Yup, that is Daddy G. For serious. I know, it's super cool and I've spent my whole life watching cool and hip fireworks. It's pretty awesome. Here, take a look yourself:
I'm pretty sure you might know where I'm going with this...

My dad gave me the surprise of a life time when he just told me that I'd be having fireworks at our wedding reception.

. . .Wait. What?!

I stopped, confused and excited. After freaking out with excitement, I asked Daddy G "What?!" about a million times. He then went on to tell me that he contracted our reception venue two days ago to get the okay. I then called Mr. G with the big news and he is just as excited as I am... and then I called bridesmaid Marie too because I'm pretty sure I have to tell everyone I know.

I guess Daddy G planned on waiting until the last minute to tell me, but Mama Giraffe told him that he should tell me now so I could get excited and tell all my friends so that they could get excited too.

Word, Mama Giraffe, word.

Anybody else have a super awesome wedding-related surprise?