Sunday, May 3, 2009

May 2009

So it's officially May - this semester went by so fast I could barley keep up with it. More importantly, less than a week until graduation. It's one of the big days I've been waiting for.

Our original date - before Mr.TB decided to pick up another major to better his chances in the job market- was May 15, 2010. It's would've been just a year and a half from the engagement. Now we're planning for May 14, 2011. That means we're at 2 years folks.

But for all the May 2010 brides, you're a year out! I'll admit it, I'll a little jealous, but part of me is also relieved. I am in no way ready to get married. Well, that's not true - I'm completely ready to get married, my heart is completely devoted to TB and I cannot wait to start the rest of my life with him, but I am so not ready for a wedding. We know the church, reception venue, and colors. . . but that's it (hello photo, video, dj, favors, guests, invites, menu, bm dresses, etc). If my wedding was a year away, then I would have to be booking everything this month. At the same time as my college graduation? No thanks. I want to be able to enjoy graduation and my upcoming birthday (big 22!) without being stressed out.

We also planned on May 2010, because then I'd have a whole year to work after graduation to save money for the wedding & life after wedding. Well, good thing we pushed the date back! I have no job prospects and have applied for 17 jobs so far. I wish more people were hiring, and I think it would be way too hard to deal with the stress that comes from impending unemployment as well as planning a wedding on a "hypothetical budget" (we'll have a budget . . . when I get a job haha). It's hard enough to deal with filling out applications for Target and Michael's when I have a brand new shiney Bachelor's Degree, but I think it would be hard because I know I wouldn't be able to have the wedding I've always wanted.

I do just want to get married though. Part of me just thinks about going to the court house Carrie & Big style and just making it official that way. . .But that's not what I want :). I know a lot of people say "A wedding is only one day, you have the rest of your lives so don't spend all the money on the wedding" and I do agree with that. A wedding shouldn't put anyone into the poor house! I don't want our wedding to put us into debt (and it won't!), but I feel I can justify paying $$$ for it. I mean, we're going to keep it as budget friendly as possible, but - long story short - we only get one day like this, we only get one wedding, and I want our first day of the rest our life to be one of the best days of the rest of our life.

So here's to you brides of 2010 - I wish you luck this next year!
And as for me, I'll be waiting for 2011. And I'm more excited than I've been in my entire life.