Wednesday, May 6, 2009

I Want Engagment Photos!

So Mr. TB have not had engagement photos, but I would love them! I feel like we don't have enough photos of use as a couple (it seems like they're all from our first 6 months of dating) and E-pics would be a great way to celebrate our future and the wonderful part of our lives we're at right now.

I've always wondered if E Photos had an expiration date? Unlike most couples, we're having a long engagement - 2.5 years to be exact. Now, we're about 6 months into the engagement and I feel silly like we've waited too long. I feel like since we've been engaged for a while, its too late for photos - and that breaks my heart a little. Mr.TB is a fairly traditional guy (albeit, while I'm not) and I'm worried he's a little off put doing E-Photos so late into the engagement. We still have 2 years to go though, so maybe they're all right because we are engaged (and loving it, no less)!

Anyway, as if I needed a reason to want E-photos - isn't how great they look reason enough?

Unfortunately, I do not live anywhere near a place like this (source):
And I'm determined to have balloons (source)
As a Chicago Girl, this next one is near and dear to my heart. I would love something like this (source).