Sunday, April 19, 2009

A Sneaky Dress!

I'm going to be honest with the blogosphere out there. There is something I've been keeping from you - something I haven't told you all.

Secretly, I'm a ninja. Ninjas are sneaky, and I'm gonna tell you all just how sneaky I am!

Nordstrom has a whole bunch of nice and spring-y dresses up on their website. There's quite a bunch that make me swoon, but also a bunch that make my wallet cry a little bit.

Luckily, there is some hope for us cheap skates out there :). Here's the proof.

This lovely number (by Teeze Me) can be found here at the Nordstrom site. It makes me smile, sitting at an affordable $68.00. Naturally, I don't like to spend more the $30-$50 on any one item of clothing (I swear, I was born thrifty), but for a nice new dress, I could tend to splurge a bit more. Especially if it was for a nice rehersal dinner perhaps?

I like to think that even though we're trying to have a wedding on a budget, I can still splurge a little on the
trifecta. This is my term of endearment for the set of new 3 desses I am dying to purchase and also have to be perfect and give me "the one" feel. Wedding dress, rehearsal dinner dress, and bridal shower dress. It's not like I am just looking for an opportunity to shop . . . Okay, I really am just looking for a reason to shop, but the trifecta is totally necessary.

I almost forgot, I shared my "secret" with you all :). Ninja!

I was 0n the Windsor site later and found this dress!

Familiar right?! I know. But here's the best part - at Windsor, it's $64.90! Okay, okay, I realize you'd only get to save like $3.00. But that could be the cost of one invitation, right? And in wedding planning, every little bit helps!

After seeing the dress at Windsor, I got a little curious and did some serious google searching.
I found this!

Here it is at Dillard's! The best part about it though? It sits at a cool $59.00 which is totally more my style. I was surprised to see it, sitting at $10 less then the first time I saw it. $3 might be a toss up, but saving $10? I'm all about it.

These are all the full price for the dress, so I'll be hoping it goes on sale in the future.

The dress is only sold in juniors sizes, but right now, at 21, I can admit that I still shop in juniors. If the clothes are cute, they're cute! And besides, I'm still a bit of a kid. . . at least for the next 3 weeks untill I graduation!

Oh! And if you're all curious, this dress is available at Von Maur for $89.00