Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Seeing Red . . . Polka Dots!

So I was looking up cake stands for no other reason besides I love them and will need a super cute one for the wedding. And I found [probably] the most adorable one of all time. I found it at Amazon, and it is so cutesy and sweet with it's lovely red polka dots.

So, naturally, I began to think. If one was to buy this cute little stand, they could have a cute little polka dot wedding. A cute little red polka dot wedding! Two words: Love it!
Inspired by this stand I made [my first ever] an inspiration board for a wedding that could be inspired by the stand as well.
An adorable cupcake display
[source], to sit next to the perfect cake [source] on the perfect polka dotted stand .
A photo of a bride who did have a red polka dot wedding! [source]
An adorable bridesmaid dress, perhaps [source]? To go with the gift of a wristlet [source].
Something cute for your hair. [source]
A bag [source] to travel to the honeymoon for which you have the perfect bathing suit [source] and the perfect shoes [source] or the other perfect shoes [source].
A bride isn't a bride without the perfect garter! [source]
A (ribbon) flower for your hair [source].