Sunday, December 19, 2010

Team Giraffe

Today's the big day! . . . No, silly geese, not that big day. A different big day! (source)

See, Mr. Giraffe graduates today. Main main squeeze will finally have his B.M.E and be able to teach music and be a real boy and all those such things. (source)

Words cannot even describe how proud of him I am. There were quite a few times that I thought I'd never see this day. Mr. G struggled with a few classes in college, especially when he first began teaching students, and he's the type that when he gets discouraged, has a very hard time motivating himself to get through what ever he's doing. He had a hard time for a while, but once he got back into it, he's definitely finishing strong.

My happiness over this big day got me thinking, though. . .When the boy/girl that you're just dating turns into a serious relationship, or when you get engaged, or (I assume) married, it really starts to feel like you're on a team.

(Not really an appropriate image for this, I know, but it was too good to pass up - I'm on Team Eric if you're curious.)

I think it's interesting that I'm just as excited about his graduation as he is. I mean, I'm legitimately excited. It feels like we've both hit a milestone, even though I'm not the one graduating. I'm proud of him and happy for him and he's happy that I'm happy for him and so on and so fourth in our never ending happiness cycle.

When you've joined a team, its interesting how your team mate's accomplishments become yours, and vice versa.

And, you know what hive? It's kind of awesome. I know that no one (even though Mama Giraffe comes close) will support me like Mr. G does. And, in the same way, I will be his biggest cheer leader. When bad things happen to one of us, it'll affect both of us, but I know we'll work together to get though it, because that's just what we'll do. We're always going to be in each other's corner and have each other's back for no other reason than that we're on the same team.

I would pick Mr. G first every time, and I'm going to be cheering loud and proud for Team Giraffe for the rest of forever.

When did you know you were on the winning team?