Thursday, December 23, 2010

Last Minute Gift Ideas for the Happy Couple

There's a possibility that not everyone has finished their shopping yet (as show by Future Little Sister in Law Lizzy asking me what Mr. G wanted last night), and I was thinking about how after you get engaged, couples often start to get a gift that goes to both of them, rather than just getting indidivual gifts.

It's actually kind of awesome because you feel all part of a unit and grown up and stuff. (Feeling grown up is optional, by the way).

As a long engagement bride, I'm officially approaching my third Christmas as an engaged lady. If you're looking for a good gift idea for yourself - or anyone else in the midst of wedding/planning/craziness/whatarewedoing, here are some things I got last Chistmas that I've gotten a lot of use of out of the last year.

Picture frames! Mr. Giraffe & I received a very nice one last year from our friend Justin. It's very fancy so I've put it in the wedding pile for a future wedding photo, but it was just about the sweetest gesture ever and I seriously cannot wait to use it.
Santa got me this book for Chirstmas last year, and let me tell you, I've gotten a lot of use out of it. I'm definitely wedding stupid about a lot of things and this book lays everything out nice and clearly for even the novice wedding planner. I'd recommend it to anyone!
Bridesmaid Marie got me this Cricut cartridge for a Christmas or a birthday, I'm not sure which. It has a ton of cut outs for engagement/shower/wedding things so you can use it all the way up until the wedding and then after of course. It's seriously one of my favorite cartridges everrrrr.

Mama Giraffe got me a new digital camera for my birthday last year. See, I have a DSLR that I love more than most other things, but it's large and hard to carry around. It was never in my purse when a really needed it, unlike my little NikonCool Pix that I just leave in my bag. That way, at cake tastings or venue visits or anything else I want to blog about, it's always with me to take photos.
Ornaments! Bridesmaid Marie & Groomsman Mike got this for us the Christmas after we got engaged. It was just about the sweetest gift ever! I've been hanging it on my tree at home, but pretty soon it'll move to a new home with me and Mr. G! It's one of my favorite ornaments, ranked right up next to my Spider-man ornament from three years ago and my Wolverine ornament from last year.

Anybody else asking for holiday gifts that are wedding related?