Thursday, December 9, 2010

GIY Save the Dates: A Magnet Decision

We last left off here, where I had made a million magnet designs for our save the dates. My inability to make decision was biting me in the butt ;-), but I had finally made a decision to go with this guy.

Mr. G liked it when I emailed it to him, but then when we were hanging out the next night and looking over all the previous designs and he stopped out of no where, was all "Why don't we use one with my guitar?"

I reigned in my inner crazy that was threatening to rear its ugly head because I had designed for six hours the day before and was all, "What?"

Mr. G just went on saying that, "My guitar. It's our thing."

Okay, I guess it seems like my fiance, the classical guitarist, would have his guitar be his thing, but looking back, maybe it was both of our things. I mean, the night I met Mr. G was also the night I fell in love with him, and what was he doing? Well, he came up to the floor of my dorm and played his guitar for three hours. I mean, most nights in college were spent with me working on art projects while Mr. G practiced his music. I get that, and I actually thought it was pretty sweet of Mr. G to want to include it on our STD.

Knowing I wanted to use the pic of us with Mr. G's guitar, I looked back over the other designs. Something wasn't right with any of them so I went back and looked at the inspiration photos I posted. It was like a super bolt of inspiration. I loved STDs that including calendars! Whoo!

So, based a little off the STD at the top of this post, this STD came next.
I think by looking at that one, you can definitely tell I didn't know what direction I was going in. I tried to reign it in a little bit with the next one.
I didn't like the giant calendar in that one so I broke it up a little bit.
That was was FINALLY starting to feel right! I just had to swap the position of some things.
There! I kind of loved this one. The typefaces fit, the colors were right, the layout felt good! For some reason though, I decided to change the photo. I wanted one that looked a little more candid and a little less pose-y (although I do adore all our e pics!).

Double there! One of my ultimate favorite epics? Check! See, I loved this design so much and I was so happy with it and it made me all warm in fuzzy inside. I was sure this was it . . . but, the more I looked at it, the more I was distracted by all the stuff going on in the background of our picture. No worries though, it was nothing a little Photoshop couldn't fix.
There it is folks (finally)! I love it! I am so happy with how it turned out, and it was totally worth all the time and effort.

But wait, there's more! Up next: What to do with that magnet,

Anybody else's fiances weigh in on their STD designs?