Thursday, July 15, 2010

I Hate Jewlery

No really, I do.

I feel like pieces of bracelets and necklaces will wrap themselves so tight around me that I will loose circulation and then lose a head or a limb. Seriously.

It's ridiculous, but I never wear it (nor do I own any). I do however have an engagement ring that I wear everyday. I don't know why I'm okay with that ring, when the thought of a ring on any other finger freaks me out and makes me feel soft of uncomfortable, but whatever. I think it's because of what it means and maybe because TB is awesome. My mom says that when TB told her that he was going to propose her first thought was, "Oh no. . . MC won't wear a ring. . .". (To be perfectly honest, I had never planned on wearing one. I hated the idea until I got mine).

Anway, this all beside the point, but, moving on, my mom says I have to wear a necklace with my wedding dress. She says I have to! (And I hate the idea of course, but I think she's just trying to work the 'something borrowed' in because I don't want to borrow aunt paula's old underpants ven if shes says they are blue and will cover two bases that way.)

That being said, I found this on etsy, and its in out wedding colors. Word.
Mom never said what kind of necklace she wanted me to wear, right :)?