Tuesday, July 20, 2010

E Shoot Planning: Part 3

So TB and I had our engagement shoot with the amazing Millers of Miller + Miller photography. It was one of the best days we've ever had, legit, but more on that later ;-). I had been looking forward to that shoot forever and planning was half the battle!

So rewind. . .
One weekend, I visited TB for the weekend and we decided to do a little shopping. I had been on the hunt for an E Shoot dress for a while, but I had been mostly online shopping, and sometimes I forget how different dresses look in person. We grabbed Quiznos, and Shoe Carnival was next door so we (read: me) had to stop. I was determined to get my first pair of heels for the shoot (mentioned here actually, but form Famous Footwear.) Of course, I'd need to try on the shoes to see if I could even handle a heel.

Welllllll, no heels, but I found a cute pair blue of flats on super sale for $9 that I bought and been wearing practically every day since. Okay, now that I was carrying around those little blue shoes, we walked around the store. I got excited to see new Chuck Taylor's because they have the best artwork, of course, and new cute designs come out all the time. Mr. TB had an amazing idea. I know I said he doesn't wear Chuck's, but he made an exception just this once.

We got the best Chuck T's of all time.

Enter: the black, white, and red shoot (also called: our casual shoot).

Yes, yes, yes! That is exactly right! Those Chucks have "I heart . . . ." and a dotted line. I got the high tops, TB got the low tops (bogo!) and we decided to write each other's names on the shoes :). It sounds cheesy and lovey and gross, but I personally think you're totally aloud to be cheesy on an E Shoot! I mean, when else people, when else?!

Not to brag, but a few weeks after we bought these, I paused my TiVo to see Ali wearing the on the Bachelorette. (Her dotted line was blank though, I wonder why hehe). Actually, come to think of it, I don't think most people write on their shoes.

I went to Michael's and bought a paint marker to write on TB's shoes and did his first. I tried to make my handwriting look as much like Cooper Black as possible, because that's the font the letter "I" was in.

Mr.TB's shows we in progress in that shot :). Our Photogs took some great shoe shots, and I can't wait to see them!