Monday, June 28, 2010

E Shoot Planning: Part Two

So planning what to wear for the E Shoot is the best part, right? I think so! Currently we have two outfits picked out, and I love to come up with a third but I'm not sure yet. We have a fancier look and more casual one picked out. In order to blog about it (and email it to BM Marie), I used Polyvore. I'd never used it before, but its fantastic. I highly recommend it for making inspiration boards!

E Shoot 1Fashion Trends & Styles - Polyvore

E Shoot 1 by one23mad
(For sources, click on the e shoot 1 link)

Anyway, after pending way too many hours looking at dresses and trying to plan a trip to Anthropologie, I visited TB and tried on some dresses at the mall by him. I was super shocked to find a dress I loved. It was cute on the hanger and double cute on me. It fit perfect (unlike a dress from VOn Maur I would have had to get altered, but it was a runner up). It was listed for $100. . . but I got it on clearance for $30 from JC Pennys. I was surprised to find anything at Pennys, especially because the one by TB is super super small.

So I couldn't be more excited about the dress, and I'm still shocked I found it. It must have been my lucky day! After setting aside $120 to buy a dress, finding one I like just as much for way less was a great feeling.

TB also bought some nice pants from gap (the pink shirt in the photo is from gap, but TB is just using a pink shirt he all ready owns). The pants were 25% off and he got a Gap card too for another 10% off. In the end, he got 3 pairs of pants (for student teaching) and 3 pairs of shorts. He now has shorts that fit without holes! Yay!

Next are those amazing heels. I actually found them at Famous Footware for $30 (they're listed for more on the website). Seeing as I have no heel experience and they're crazy tall, I've been practicing. Once I got over feeling fifty stories tall and super wobbly, I started to get the hang of them. And Confession? I love them! I've never been very girly but I feel super hot in those shoes. I finally get why ladies squeeze their feet into crzy shoes now. . . You feel like a rock star!

And, as I've all ready mentioned TB's Samba Obsession, he'll of course have to wear them! (The new pair he just bought. . . that look like the same ones he just wore out).

Anybody else rockin' crazy heels?