Saturday, June 19, 2010

Photooooh no!

Finding a photographer was a headache. I mean, I was frustrated and angry and I stated to feel hopeless. I had searched photogs on and off for about six months and had some results. I found one guy who I thought was perfect... well, the price was perfect. I emailed TB and was all, "Check it out, yo! It's perfect!"

Welllll, it wasn't perfect, exactly. It got to a point where I began looking at prices before I looked at photos. I went back to look at his (we'll call him DP) photo's after I had set up a meeting annnnd I was, really, just underwhelmed. Originally, I had kind of liked his work, but something had occurred to me that I don't know why I didn't really think of before. Here's the thing, a photographer chooses what photos from each wedding or event (s)he posts on his site. So what does it mean if some of the photos aren't great? What does that say about the photos we haven't seen? If the 'best of the best' so to say aren't the best, what do the photos we haven't seen look like?

Exactly my point. Right, which is why I canceled the meeting with DP and decided that he wasn't right for us.

Anyway after mucho headaches, I found the answer to our problems.

Enter: Miller + Miller photography.
I met with Sarah & Ryan Miller, the husband and wife team behind Miller + Miller on a Monday after work. Naturally, I got stuff in traffic, the drive took me 2 hours, and I was 30 minuets late. Yeahhhh, it was brutal.

But despite my lateness, Sarah and Ryan were still incredibly nice and funny. Right away, I felt I could spend my wedding day with them. As soon as I left, I called Mr.TB to tell him that we had to hire the Millers. We had no choice. TB said okay, and I emailed Sarah the next day.

It seems like the Millers have been super busy lately, as their website has been updated repeatedly, and every time I look at a new set of photos, I'm even happier with our decision.

Unlike most other photographers that I looked at, Miller + Miller doesn't charge per hour, nor are we locked into a 4, 6, or 8 hour day. We get them for the whole day and they just snap away without capping their photos at a certain number.

So, long story short, I love them. And you should too.


Jenn said...

YAY! You won my giveaway. Email me so I can mail you your new headband