Saturday, June 26, 2010

E Shoot Planning: Part One

So Mr. TB and I have officially booked our E Shoot for Monday July 19th. I've all ready requested the day off work, but any day off work is a good one for me! Just kidding. But seriously, I've been spending my 2 weeks vacation in my head. It goes something like this: E shoot = one day, grandpa's bday party = 1 day, Friday before wedding = 1 day, honeymoon = 5 days. . . so we're at 8 days? I only have two left?! I've only had vacation time for a week and I've all ready almost spent it haha. Bummer.

Anyway! On to the good stuff! Miller + Miller has the best eshoots ever, I've decided. Don't believe me? Take a gander at these puppies:

I really tried to narrow it down. . . I really did. It's a good thing blogger only lets you upload a few at a time, other wise this post would be all photos. Anyway, if you want to see more (which you should!) check out Miller+Miller's website. You will be happy you did.

TB and I have been trying to decided where to have our shoot, and we're still working on it, but Sarah emailed me some tips which I figured I'd share. (Sarah is great about email and she has no idea how much I appreciate it. Being stuck at my desk all day with no time for personal calls makes phone correspondence very difficult).

Here are Miller+Miller's engagement session tips (all credit goes to M+M for this):
Perhaps bring two changes of clothing.
You might consider:-
Something a bit more dressy ( perhaps a cocktail dress & heels paired with a collared shirt / coat jacket for the guy )
- Something more fun ( like a summer sun dress or jeans and a trendy shirt )

Additional tips:
- Cute shoes and heels ( black or especially one's with color pink, red, yellow, turquoise, etc. ) are always an excellent added touch in the photos.

- Bring along comfy shoes ( in place of the heels while we are finding shoot locations if you'd like)
- Often added accessories (like shoes, sunglasses, purses, bags, props, etc.) can help enhance and
create distinctive photos for you. If you want to bring any extra personalized items, feel free.

So, TB and I seriously need to decided where we're shooting, but we do have our outfits picked out! More on that later. Sarah said most couples bring 2-3 outfits so we're looking for a third.

Oh and since I know you want more, here's another for the road:
Anybody else seriously crush on their photog's photos?