Sunday, June 13, 2010

Here We Go

Okay, so its been quiet on Wedding Web Notes for a while. . .For a long while! Legit! But seriously, its been quiet because wedding planning had been quiet, but things are different now.

Last month, May 14th happened. That's right. May. 14. 2010. We hit the one year away mark. 365 days until the wedding! And all of the sudden its like there were a billion things to do or a hundred billion or something like that. It is seriously crazy. Of course, I (or ummm 'we') and totally exciting. After being engaged for a year and a half, we only have a year to go! Whooo hooo! It's about time, eh?

Anyway, now that its June, we have 11 months left and those billion things to do! I can finally get back to blogging because, for serious, there's actually things to blog about! For start, there's photographers now (!) and shoes and a new dress (well, for the future engagement shoot) and a certain interest in another dress, and a new season of True Blood. Well, okay, that last one isn't wedding related, but it is nearly as exciting.

I've had wedding on the brain for the last month now and it seems like things are really coming together. I cannot wait to share with everyone!