Thursday, September 24, 2009

Talking Photography

So after attending FBIL IB's wedding this weekend, the fantastic TB and I started talking photos/photographers. IB & his Bride MB* had a friend (who looked very talented & had a very expensive looking camera) take photos for them. She did a good job dealing with a large group of people and getting all those people where they need to be. And, not that it matters, but she was super cute and super sweet too. She also had a little accent. . . Russian, I think?

Anyway, there were photos of the B boys and the Moms with boy IB and MB. They were very cute photos, actually. It reminded me that, (don't cringe) I love posed family portraits. Posed portraits just make me smile. I think they're a good idea, especially since TB has such a large family. It's often had to get us all together at one time, so if a token (possibly cheesy) portrait will get us all together, then I say so be it!

The B Brothers and 1 of the B girls (we're missing the oldest B sister here). You don't need to tell me - I am aware I am marrying into one handsome family :)! Mr TB is second from the left - I love that he is all smiles! What a cutie! It looks blurry, but click on to see those good looking Bs in all their glory!

Mr.TB agrees! He's all about the posed photos too. Naturally, we want all the artsy photos and candids too, but portraits are on the must haves. Portraits of the C family, of the B family, of me and the Bs, of TB and the C's, me and the B girls, TB and my sister, etc.

Where is this going, you ask? Well TB and I made our photographer must have list . . . Well, more like I told him what I had to have and he agreed? Yeah, let's go with that. We made the decision together, I swear.

Okay sooo MC + TB = Photography! Here goes nothing!

Want 1) $1500 - We're tryin tryin trying to save money for this wedding and are planning to budget $1500 for photography. It may be too much to ask to get all we want for $1500, but I hoping to make it happen!

Want 2) Portraits! - Like I all ready said, we want a photographer willing to do posed portraits. Quite a few of them at that, because I'm sure TB will want one with each of the B bros and so will I (and so on). . . With his 5 sibs and my 1, it could make for a lot of photos!

Want 3) Candids - I love candids, simple as that. We want a photog that do more than one style, including photo journalistic so that we can get some candid photos.

Want 4) Unlimited Photos - this is very very very important to us me. I don't want someone that will hit 800, 1000, 1500 images and stop simply because they hit a certain number. I want them to shoot all night and stop when the night ends!

Want 5) DVD or CD - I want a dvd (or cd) of all our images with the rights for us to print them out at will. This seems pretty standard, although I've seen a few places that don't offer this.

Want 6) Second Shooter - I need a second shooter, I swear! I want different angles and additional shots. Simple enough.

Want 7) Online Gallery & Ordering - This is actually Dad C's want. I agree too. Since a lot of our family lives far and will be traveling to see us for our big day, it would be great to offer them a place to order their own photos. We won't be able to show our photos to them, but this way they'd be able to see them themselves!

Want 8) Talent - Nuff said? For reallllls.

Want 9) Proofs - I would like a bound spiral of all our proofs to see. This is a maybe. I don't want it as much as everything else, but it would be a cherry on top for sure.

Want 10) All day photos - I want the pre ceremony, the ceremony, and the reception :).

Too much too ask for? We'll see.

*IB married MC, so she is now MB. I'm MC and when I get married, I'll be MB. I know, right? Totally weird!