Friday, September 4, 2009

Some SUPER E Pics!

Yesterday on the Rock 'n Roll Bride Blog, I saw the cutest E Pics I may have ever seen in my entire life. Never having seen this blog before (and its definitely worth a good look!), I had to scroll though a few older posts to find these amazing photos.

As if the couple wasn't cute enough, here they are parodying some art work (which you all know I love).

But, believe it or not, those aren't the photos that made me so excited! First, I have to admit that I may be a graphic designer, but I do moonlight as a bit of a comic book geek. I can't help it, I guess I was just born that way :). I'm not a big fan of DC comics (I'm a Marel girl, myself), but I still appreciate them and Mr.TB likes them a lot. My inner geekiness has just made me fall in love with this E shoot. If TB and I end up getting E photos done, we're totally going to copy this idea, I think. (Now I just need dark hair like Lois).

Check out the whole set here, which I totally recommend because it's awesome. Those two are too cute!