Wednesday, September 16, 2009

A Big Weekend on the horizon... And a new outfit!

Hello Blog!
It's been a little bit - it's all ready the middle of September! In the last 2 weeks, we celebrated a birthday for Mr.TB! It was pretty exciting. My parents got him Wii Fit. He was pretty excited, but, naturally, I 'helped' (aka told) my mom what to get him. Either way - fun all around! Also, I got a job recently. It's not a full time job and it doesn't use my new shiny degree at all. But! It's about 20 hours a week and its more money than I've been making in the last few months. I even make $.25 more than minimum wage. Sweet, right? Not really. . . I need to get a real job and make real money so I can save for my real wedding :)!

Anyway! Back to business! Mr.TB and I went up and stayed at his house for his birthday weekend/dinner. Sitting down for dinner was exciting. It's sooo funny though. I am one of two children and my big sis doesn't even live at home anymore so at dinner it's me, my mom, and my dad.

Who all sits down for TB's meal? Myself, TB, his little sister, his older sister, his little brother, his older sister, his mom, his dad, his older brother, older brother's girlfriend, his oldest brother, and oldest brother's fiance. Talk about a circus! It's so weird for me to adjust to being around so many people (especially for something as regular as dinner, it wasn't like Christmas or anything). It's finally getting easier! I always had some reservations about his family (dad in particular), but in the last few months, his dad is really opening up to me and showing an interest in what I have to say. This has never happened before. I finally feel like I fit in with my family to be. I always got along great with his mom, but now I'm coming around to the rest (or vise versa).

Anyway! Where is this going you ask? Well, TB's oldest brother (we'll call him IB or FBIL IB) is getting married this weekend! It's crazy and sometimes I can't believe it. IB and M got engaged after TB and I but are getting married before us. I don't really mind though, especially because the are older and I hope to learn from their wedding. Regardless, the talk at dinner was all about the wedding. I'm actually super super excited about the wedding, and to attend my first B Family event where everyone will be there. It'll be great. I couldn't help feeling a little jealous, though. Everyone was gushing about their wedding and getting excited about it. Part of me would just love to be talking about my wedding and have people talk about me (oops - I mean us).

Selfish? You bet it is! But I can't help it. I'm so excited about getting married, but it's hard to get other people excited because we're not getting married for forever (or 605 days, exactly. I have a countdown on my dashboard).

Either way, I know I should just look forward to a year from now when people are talking about my day, and helping to decorate 150 cupcakes for my day (okay so I don't want cupcakes, but I will be decorating this weekend!).

So the wedding is super casual and is taking place in an outdoor park. Naturally, I decided I had nothing to wear. Well, long story short, I got a new [adorable] dress and purse from Kohls. They were both on clearence. And then, we got one of those peel of coupons in the mail, so I got another 30% off of both! The dress was $17 and the purse came to $6.90. (And the purse is hot). I then went to Payless and got a $7 pair of shoes. Not bad, eh? I think it might be fate! Another upside to my dress? It's black and white so Mr.TB can easily match with black pants and a white shirt. This is super good for him, because his 'dress clothes' wardrobe is definitely limited. He does have a nice black and white paisley tie, but he 1) hates ties and 2) I think that would be a little 'over dressing.' Either way, it's all working out.

Definitely, all working out. And as it gets closer to the weekend, I getting less and less jealous and just more and more excited.

Either way, hopefully there are pictures to come! It'll be great!

And, as if you could stand a post without pictures, here's a lovely shot from polka dot bride that will make you drool.