Thursday, September 3, 2009

Love for Your Dress Hanger!

I saw on a slightly older post on Weddingbee about Mrs. Gloss making 'deserving' dress hangers for her gown and her bridesmaids' gowns. Following a few simple directions (which can be seen on the blog post) she was able to put initials on the hangers. They're too cute for realsies. I had bookmarked this a little bit ago and planned to do it for my gown.

I hadn't decided if I'd get fancy hangers for my bridesmaids yet, because I'm not sure if it's a big deal? I'm sure my girls would appreciate it (they're an appreciative group, I promise), but would there a use for them? I've never seen photos of bridesmaid dresses at weddings. You know, you always seen the token photo of the wedding gown (which I love, by the way) but do the maids line up their dresses for picture? I mean, I'm sure that they have to get dressed sometime. Right? The BMs go get makeup and hair done, and I'm sure they do it in their sweats before they get ready.

Anyway, I'm not here to talk about the bridesmaids, I'm here to talk about ME! . . . Oh wait, I mean I'm here to talk about the "bride" per se. The point of those lovely hangers above would be (I think) to help make your dress look pretty in photos. Not that dress photos aren't lovely without fancy hangers; they are. It's just . . . Well, I guess brides do crazy thing to add extra 'oomph' to anything vaguely weding related; so why not hangers. Right?

The dress on the left found here on the WeddingBee Gallery. The dress on the right found here on the WeddingBee Gallery.

So you could see why I would want a fancy hanger for my photo, right? It's not like both of those dresses aren't totally gorgeous. They are, I promise.I'm actually partial to the one on the right, but that's my love for ruffely things. I can't help it.

Either way, the hangers both have a small part in the photos. That's why I had bookmarked the first post about making monogramed hangers. But that's all changed! Why, you ask? Because I found the most amazing find on etsy that I promise you, I will order in the future. Word!

Ready to be impressed? I'm sure you are!

Super! I know, right! The Mister and I both have kind of long names (apparently unlike Eve and Dan, those lucky ducks) so I don't think having both names would be good option for us. But the Mrs hanger? Genius! I would love to have one that says Mrs. B for all my lovely dress photos (although, I'll miss being Miss C, I assmue). I think it's adorable. No joke. Just make sure the hanger's not flipped over and your name's backwards hahaha. Okay, that was the joke.

Either way, that hanger will be mine. For sure. I do have some wire sculpting experience (I miss college!), but I don't think I'd have the ability to pull of something that nice. The letters are generally uniform and I like the rounded geometric look of them as well. But, don't worry folks, I don't have to be upset about not being able to make my own fancy hanger, because the awesome lilafrances shop on etsy is selling them for $13. That's right, you heard me, $13! Soooo go buy one now. Do it, your dress will thank you when she sees her photos.