Friday, July 10, 2009

Save the . . . Envelope?

So people get STDs in the mail all the time, right? And us future brides to be are known to spend hours drooling over hip and lovely ones on the internet, right? I'm sure it's all completely normal...

Even if its not normal, I have found an STD that blew me away. Few STDs have made me swoon like this one. It's one of the first STDs that I've seen that I've instantly fallen in love with.

The problem? I don't really like the actual Save The Date card. . . The cars doesn't do anything for me. Sure, I guess it looks nice, but I think it's just really not my style.

What makes it so amazing, then? The Envelopes! And it's so simple; I don't know why I never thought about it before, yo! I can't believe I've never even considered this idea.

The envelopes look to be standard business size (props for breaking out of the standard postcars/invite size) and they're made of vellum. The big kicker? The labels! The couple had an affliction for New Mexico (where they met) so the designer ordered vintage New Mexico maps off of ebay, and printing address on them so they could function as labels. Mmmm!

Commence drooling now! (Also, enjoy the full STD post, with more photos, here.)