Sunday, July 19, 2009

Trash the Dress

What is Trash the Dress (TTD), you ask? I found a pretty good explanation from Jojie Alcantara's photography web site. (See the site & a totally gorg TTD gallery here)

'“Trash the dress", sounding like a negative connotation, exactly means what it says. It is a post-wedding shoot in which the bride, in a seemingly reckless ritual, bids farewell to her wedding gown which probably cost a fortune, and succumbs to a pictorial that defies your traditional, comfortable shoot. Sometimes, the groom joins in on the fun. After a traditional ceremony, the couple gets a more memorable pictorial of themselves in the most unlikely of places.'

The photos that come out of these sessions are usually unbelievable. I think that's because it's so 'crazy' to be in these totally unconventional situations in your wedding dress. Wedding dresses are so pretty normally, so they're pretty (prettier?) in TTD situations!

Anyway I never thought I'd be a TTD girl, but there's one specific photo, that could change my mind. Found on the Trash the Dress website archives (a few months back), it'll make you fall in love.I know, there are really no words for the photo . . . except maybe perfect? :) Anyway this photo was taken by Ash Imagery. Great job, guys!

Now I just need to live by a beach so I can get my TTD on, yo!