Sunday, July 5, 2009

I Can't Belize You!

Soooo I bought the new Modern Bride today (for $6, but a subscription is $10 - I think I'll have to order) specially because of the tag "50 best Honeymoons" on the cover. Despite the fact that Mr.TB and I have a whopping 2 years 1 year & 10 months to the wedding (go long engagement brides!), we have a pretty good idea of most of the things we want (except the daily changing flower ideas). The one thing we had no idea (or vaguely disagreeing ideas) about was the honeymoon. With a lot of planning time to go, why not start looking now?

My only requirement: Beach. Mr.TB hasn't done much traveling at all so he doesn't know what he wants. His favorite thing to do is rock climb and enjoys the outdoorsy things so I was hoping there would be a place for us that caters to both our interest. I like the outdoors too, but doing mostly water things like snorkeling, kayaking, rafting, etc. I don't get to do much of this in the Midwest, so it'd be great for me to have fun on the Moon and to have TB get to be his outdoorsy self!

Enter the 50 Best Honeymoons! The amazing #24 on the list is the beautiful country of Belize, which I hadn't known too much about until now. You can take an inner tube tour through it's river cave or hike to 1,000 foot waterfall. You can snorkel surrounded by turtles, shakes, and fish. Love? I think so!

Believe it or not, Belize has a lot of little islands that you can take a boat too and a lot of affordable places to stay. Of course, I'm looking to splurge a little. But photos from the Belize Legacy Beach Resort are making me swoon an awful lot!

And ummm, hello Honeymoon suite!!