Sunday, April 5, 2009

That's a party cake, for sure.

Has anyone ever visited White Flower Cakes? I hadn't, but I found the link via another blog that wasn't in English so I had no idea what it was saying, but it was a cake blog :). Anyway, I headed over to the gallery and found a cake that just really made me smile. I've been on the fence about if we want a traditional cake, or something a little more hip, but this one in definitely in the hip category. (source for all images)

So I just love this cake! As a huge fan of color, it just blows me away.
The website says: "
The Lindsey C - This bride fell in love with The Daphne, but wanted a more tropical feel to it. Hand-sculpted sugar orchids, bold bright colors, (not to mention the flavor choice: coconut cake with a rum soak and a mango buttercream filling) made this cake the perfect centerpiece for her tropical outdoor reception at The Country Club. Serves 280."

The Daphne, eh? So after I read that, I had to find the Daphne. Needless to say, I was blown away, and now even more smitten with more 'contemporary' cakes. What White Flower Cakes says about the Daphne, "Vivid colors, retro patterns and a lush sugar bow topper make this cake an amazing centerpiece for your reception"

As if that wasn't enough for you to drool over, take a quick look at the Velma. "Bold vibrant colors and a tropical floral patterns give this cake a fresh summer feel, perfect for an outdoor wedding."

So, naturally, I'm completely in love with those cakes. Mr. Giraffe is definitely a more traditional kind of guy. But, White Flower has a number of traditional, and traditional with a twist cakes also.

I love the "Love" topper on the cake on the right.
All cake photos taken from White Flower Cake Gallery.

Anybody else drooling over cake photos?


Anonymous said...

Those area amazing!!!
I don't think I would have something so colorful for my wedding cake...but these are awesome.