Saturday, March 28, 2009

Love at first sight . . .

I have totally fallen for the bridesmaids dress over at Coren Moore. From the looks of the site, it seems like they're a pretty popular brand, but I haven't heard of them before. It seems like most of their dress are out of our budget ($150), but a girl can dream, right? Most of the dresses cost $220-$320, but what is nice is that you have your choice of what fabric you choose to order the dress in. Shantung, cotton sateen, and seersucker seem to be most of the options they offer. They also off group discounts. I wonder how much I could save if I really wanted some of their dresses for my girls? Hmmm, I'm not sure. I should check it out.

Another plus to Coren Moore is that the website is easy to navigate and nicely designer. It's always a turn off for me if I can't quite figure out the website. It makes me quickly navigate elsewhere.

So, without further ado, here are a few of the cutest / freshest bridesmaids dresses so far! (image source for all images)

Here is the Rose. The small photo doesn't do it justice. Head over to the website to size the full length photo in all it's glory. I'm actually quite smitten with it, but $290 is way over our $150 price tag. But it's the perfect length - Just above the knee is just right! Oh and those little ruffles around the neckline! Mmm - gorgeous! And I still have an obsession of putting a sash/bow on everyone, which doesn't work on all dresses, but it could work here! The nice flat panel around the waist could be perfect for a nice little sash.
Maybe they have sales? I'm not sure, I'll have to keep an eye on it. But regardless, this is love.

Oh Tara, how I love your neckline. You're so cute and sweet and definitely ready for the party. Tara is ready for all occasions actually! She can be bought as a full length dress under the evening section ($315), or as a shorter dress under the cocktail section ($285). Swoon! I love options!

Oh Lily, what's that you say? I was trying to add a sash to Rose, when you were all ready perfect for it? You guys have the same adorable neckline, but Lily's shape it just fantastic. So cute, so lovely!

So there they are! If your budget allows, I highly suggest heading over to the site to see some cute dresses!

Oh! And did I mention they have a bridal line too??