Saturday, March 28, 2009

Cute, cute, and cute!

Soooooo I love this 5 way wrap dress from Urban Minx. At first look, it doesn't seem quite fancy enough, but I would totally get this for my bridesmaids if it was the right color. It's on sale for a wonderful $138.50. which is quite the savings from the original $198.00.

I thought the photo on the site was used was cute, but when I clicked on 'more photos' I found the dress a way I liked even more. You can see all 5 ways to wrap the dress in the photos. As the web site says "make is look dressy, casual, or in between." That's what's great, your girls could wrap it to make it a little more classy, and then definitely re-wear it later! You could get so many looks out of it!

And, as everyone says, you should get your girls something they could wear again!