Saturday, March 7, 2009

It's been a while, but it's not you, it's me! Anyway, here's an EM Paper free Invite Template!

Wow - so much for my blogging commitment! It sure has been a very long time and for that, I apologize. I am currently in my last semester in my undergrad and I don't understand where the time goes! I'm officially on spring break as of today and I have a whole week off. . .so despite the fact that I have spent wayyyyy more time reading blogs that writing one, I am back with a vengeance! Have no fear!

On the other hand, I kicked of my very last spring break ever with going to see the Watchmen last night. Unlike the future mister, TB, I had not read the comic. TB was very interested because of knowing the whole back story. I enjoyed it, but it did loose my attention a few times. This could have been because we went to a 10:10pm show and didn't get out until 1am. It was just too long for me when I had gotten little sleep due to work/stress during the week. Overall though, I did enjoy
the movie. Sometimes its nice to have more on your mind then school & wedding (although I love both).

So, to make it up to you, here is another freebie in mind!.
E M Papers is an interesting web site. It's actually quite a neat idea. For a super little
fee (5!!!) , you can download a zip file of matching graphic/layout of an Invitation, STD post card, response card, and thank you card. What is nice about it is that DIY brides who may be technically challenged, the files will open in microsoft word and the text can be added from there and then printed. The only downside about the Wedding Invitation section of the site is that there are only 3 designs. . . but one is free! If this matches a brides theme, she may be in luck!

That's it for today. . . but have no fear, blog, I will be back tomorrow!