Monday, July 22, 2013

Come What Way: Putting on Big White Dress

Okay Hive, Mr. Giraffe has been teasing me forever always saying, "So, how are your re-caps going?" I always wished I finished them, so that's what I'm gonna do.

We left off on my wedding day morning. After getting my hair done, my bridesmaids and I got dressed at my mom's house. (I guess it was my house too because I was still living there at the time? Oh, to be young again!)

(All photos by rockstars Ryan & Sarah of Miller + Miller Photography.)

While I was eating lunch, my dress & accessories were posing for glamor shots.

As a flower lover, I loved my bouquet more than I even imagined. Whenever I see hydrangeas now, I think about our Wedding Day.

Remember when I mentioned that my grandma wouldn't be present at our wedding and how sad I was? Well, I did do what I originally said and mentioned her in our wedding program, but Mama G also had a wonderful idea. In honor of Grandma G, I pinned her engagement ring on the inside of my sash. It covered my something old & something borrowed (as Mama G got it when Grandma passed, so I borrowed it from my mom), but it also kept her with me the whole day. I know she was smiling down on us, that's for sure.

(The hanger for my dress was ordered from here on etsy)

I started off getting made up and doing a lot of laughing with my mom. What was so funny? Who knows! Big props to our Photog Sara for being willing to climb all over my parent's bathroom. She was great.

Doesn't everyone's dad have one of those little baby water coolers on their bathroom counter? 

Why, hello there dress! Been waiting for me long?

Clearly, I'm all smiles in these next photos. It could have something to do with the fact that it's my wedding day or the fact that I had a belly full of Jimmy John's. Both are legit possibilities.

BM Marie tried to convice me to wear my veil as a blusher veil. No way, lady!

Every bride needs a perfect bow for their sash! Thanks mom & Aunt P!

Totally unprepared for how it would feel to have my giant dress & crinolin on, I feel backwards onto my butt when I tried to sit on the bed. Luckily I had minions, I mean bridesmaids, to buckle my shoes for me.

Had to get a good shot of my wedding gift to Mr. G, also known as my tattoo. (It was also my first time having French tips on my toes and boy did I feel fancy!)

The I headed outside and got on the bus that would take me, the girls, and all the family member that had been staying at my folk's house on to the church. At this point, it was just drizzling a little bit. It did not bode well for the future!

FYI: The party bus was a great idea. It was half the price of a limo and sat double the amount of people (which worked out great for Grandpa who would've needed a ride!). We also had room for a big cooler full of cans of Arnold Palmer.

Up next? The guys get ready. . . And GM Mitch shows up without pants.

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