Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Come What May: Boys, Tuxes, and Blue Sambas

While we were getting ready and eating lunch, Mr. G and his groomsmen were getting dressed at a nearby hotel. Our husband & wife photog team really saved the day here, as Sarah was with us ladies, and Ryan was able to be with the menfolk.

(All photos by rockstars Ryan & Sarah of Miller + Miller Photography unless otherwise noted.)

Mr. G started to get ready, and we made sure to have a special photo of his tattoo.

What was so special about the outfits for the boys? Well, if you remember our engagement photos, you'll remember that Mr. G only wears Adidas Sambas.

Well, the gift we gave our groomsmen was a pair of blue Adidas Sambas and matching soccer socks. Yes, I was over the moon to find a pair of Sambas in the perfect shade of blue. And, funny enough, I got a team discount for ordering so many pairs of socks! Ha!

Gift for GM M / Personal Photo

 GM Washington trying on his gift at the Rehearsal Dinner / Personal Photo

The boys got all fancy!

Also, GM Mitch forgot his pants. Really. He took his tux out to show his mom and forgot to put the pants back in. Mr. G's parents were running around looking for pants. His pants & GM I's pants were purchased that morning. Seriously.

Ryan got some great shots of the boys outside the hotel and outside the church.

Oh man, that smile?! Be still, my heart.

 Note the pants in this photo. My in-laws purchased three pairs, just in case.

 Mr. G's bout!

I look back at the photos, and am kind of blow away over what a sexy hubby I have. And then the pictures make me all mushy inside. Wedding photos will do that, I guess!


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