Thursday, October 8, 2009

201, What?

(201) Bride that is!
Funny story, on the (201) Bride website, you can sign up for a free issue of their magazine (made by the folks that make 201 magazine). So during a daily devour of wedding websites, I signed up for my free issue. No big deal, I do this all the time - I'm still waiting for my 1st issue of GetMarried. Regardless, I recently received my (201) Bride mag in the mail!

... I guess I didn't pay too much attention to the website at the time. Apparently it's '(201)', in parenthesis, for a reason. I guess 201 is the area code for New Jersey. This should make perfect sense because it's a mag for NJ brides, complete with a list of NJ specific venues.
Last Time I checked, NJ and IL weren't neighbors. . .or even that close.

Regardless, I urge everyone to sign up for the free (201) Bride mag. Although, you may not (or maybe you can) use the state specific info, the magazine is still great! And best of all, it's full of a lot of very pretty & inspirational photos!


Wheresmydessert said...

Thanks for the tip! 201 is actually my area code, lol - even though I'm getting married in NYC. I just signed up for my free issue! :)