Monday, January 19, 2009

Welcome to the blog! It's official! Wedding Web Notes, here I come!

Hello fellow web readers! Now that I have started wedding planning, I decided the best way to document everything and share with everyone was to create a blog!! I follow a ton of wedding blog weekly and daily! I'll post a list of the blogs up for everyone to see (and to help me keep track too, I suppose).

I'm probably going to put up a few posts today because I'm so excited about having a blog, but I'll try to update a few/couple times a week once I get into it.

I'm in the Chicago land area and am currently planning a wedding in the south suburbs of the city. I'm about 45 minutes south of Chi-town, and the future Mister is 30 min north so it works out quite well.

I got my blog template here: But I found some adorable ones here as well. It was a tough choice, I assure you!