Sunday, September 18, 2011

Bridesmaid Hair, Take Two!

As I told you guys a couple weeks ago, I was a bridesmaid in Bridesmaid Marie's wedding. That's the way to do it folks: if you're planning a wedding, find an engaged bff and plan them together - it makes it way more fun!

Anyway, I shared some hairstyle photos with you guys, and I ended up looking pretty hot :-), so I figured I better fill you in on the details!

Even though I showed the Hive a couple of options, the next day I threw 'em out the window and bought these babies to the hair salon with me.

I know, I know, they're awesome. Believe it or not, the first image was the leading inspiration for my own wedding hair, until Mr. G mentioned (at the rehearsal dinner!) that he wanted me to wear my hair down. I was glad that the hairstyle got to make an appearance somewhere :). I've always loved braids and you can certainly dress them up and dress 'em down.

So how did it turn out, you ask? Awesome! Better than I could imagine.

The super nice lady who did my hair did a french braid that started at the top of my head, and wrapped all the way down the side, to the bottom. Then we curled the rest of the hair and tucked it in with bobby pins (70, to be exact - Mr. G and I counted them when we took them out at the end of the night). It's kind of hard to describe, so I'll let the pictures do the talking. I'll show you a few so you can see it from different sides.

All of these are personal photos, most by me and the Mister.

My hairstylist was so nice!Getting ready at the Groom's Grandma's house.
I love that Mr. G got this photo of me blowing bubbles - it's a great view of the top of my head and the non-braided side. It's all natural - no bump-it at all!

Okay, okay, I admit it. Those last two photos had nothing to do with my hair, I just wanted you all to see what a good time I had. Rock on, team, rock on!

Hair inspiration? How do you find it?