Monday, July 18, 2011

A Dress for a Giraffe

Just to clarify by "a Giraffe", I mean me.

I realized I've never told you about my wedding dress/dress hunt. Why, you ask? Well, it's not really a good story.

Really. It's just not much of a story at all.

Here's what happened.

Mr. Giraffe proposed, and that night I bought 3 wedding magazines. I flipped through one, saw an advertisement for a dress, and decided I wanted that one. A month later, I was home from college for Thanksgiving, I headed to store, tried on that dress, and was sure I wanted that one. We set a date 2.5 years in the future. Then 1.5 years later, I headed to the same store, tried on the same dress, and bought it.

That's really it, the whole shebang. I didn't cry, but I was happy and wanted that dress. When I first went to try it on, another girl was in the dress I wanted, so to kill time, I tried about 5 other dresses. I wasn't planning on even trying other dress, but by doing so, I confirmed I had what I wanted.

It may sound like a boring dress experience, but it was pretty much how I roll. I hate hate hate trying on clothes normally, and don't really getting excited about big shopping ordeals so I pretty much did what I normally do when shopping. Find something, pick it out, buy it. I would've hated a big fussy dress ordeal, so I'm glad it worked out the way it did.

I don't like fancy or frou-frou things, so I automatically knew what I was looking for. . . or, more like I knew what I wasn't looking for: no lace, no beads, no bling, no train, nothing tight, nothing too fancy.

And I'm sure you're all wondering what this dress is, eh?

But, let's be honest, you want to see who really makes that dress look good?!

Anybody else have a super easy dress hunt? Really?