Friday, May 13, 2011

Until Next Time


Here it is. The day, the big one, go time.

The forecast is calling for rain, rain, rain, and thunderstorms. . . But I am ready.

I just had a crazy last two days and a wonderful rehearsal dinner with way too much chocolate cake. This last month has been such a wedding planning super storm that I haven't been around much. No worries, though, I have a ton more to share with you, a little more about Dadzilla and some DIY projects that happened to work their way in here some where.

I haven't blogged about the honeymoon, but I'll just let you know that by 10:35 tomorrow morning, Mr. Giraffe and I will be in Cancun, on our way to a sunny beach. I have a whole week ahead of me there :-).

Thank you for the support over the last 8 months and staying with me during some crazy projects. You, hive, are awesome, and I'm so honored I got to share my journey with you.

Lox & Sloth - I'll be thinking about you this weekend. Bring it, girls.

To the rest of the Bees and Pengy - thank you for all the support and for listening to me as I got crazy this last week. You guys are amazing.

Mr. Giraffe - You have my heart; you always have. I love you and I cannot wait to be your wife. Here's to us, baby, and here's to our future.

Signing off for now.
I'll see you on the other side.

Much love,
Miss Giraffe.