Thursday, August 13, 2009

Kendra Married!

So I caught a repeat of E's Kendra tonight (I don't watch it that much, I swear), and it just happened to be the episode featuring her wedding. It was weird to see her get married, I'm surprised to see her settle down, it seems like she was just a Girl Next Door. It seems like she's really grown up since then!

Anyway, the wedding was nothing short of stunning. It took place at the playboy mansion (naturaly), but it was a very pretty location. The bajiilion person bridal party realy took my breath away. The girls had on lilac colored dresses and white and purple bouquets. The whole party really looked stunning. The guys though, they were really something else! The wore white tuxes with matching lilac ties, and they sure looked sharp! I never even pictured white tuxes as an option for someone other than the groom, but those guys sure pulled it off! I mean, really really sharp! Kendra's Hubby to Be had on a white tux, but with a white tie. And even though the tie was the only difference, it definitely made him look good and set him apart for the other guys!

Oh, and Kendra's dress was gorgeous too! She was also pregnant at the time, but I heard she just had a baby boy recently so super congratulations to her!

And if you were curious, she did have her first dance with Hank and then a second dance with Hugh Hefner. haha!

Pictures were taken from vaious celeb gossip blogs (which I swear I don't read... really).