Saturday, June 25, 2011

It's Whats on top that Counts

Hehe - that title could mean anything!

Anyway, Hive, it's about time I got you guys caught up on everything I didn't get to before the wedding. Thanks for bearing with me as I took some time to come around. I still have residual weird angry and bitter feelings about coping with our wedding actually being over, but BM Mang just sent me some photos she took on our wedding day and looking through them really perked me up. I'm thinking that I'll be back on top of the world when we get our pro pics.

Anyway - back to why we're here! I have a big topic to talk about today - you know what it is - the elusive cake topper!t

Originally I wanted a monogram cake topper, like the one above, but preferably with lower case Helvetica letters in .75" thick clear acrylic. . . .Yeah, that was what a had in mind. It's only a trifle super specific.

But then I was thinking and Mr. Giraffe, bless his poor non-designer heart, does not share the same love of Helvetica that I do.
Famous Helvetica poster (there's an "I hate you" one too!) via Veer

Anyway, we started to brain storm. What was something we both loved, that could really represent both of us, and look good on our cake?

The answer was simple, Uglydolls!! I mean, they've been a big part of our relationship, and Mr. G even used one to propose. Our favorite Uglydolls are Babo and Wage (. . .which both happen to be in our wedding colors, thank goodness) so we knew that we had to use them.

I had our cake topper made on Etsy back when they had Alchemy. All I needed was etsy seller Amazing Owl and a photo like this:
A quick Illustrator mock up.

I know what you're all thinking, but just you wait.

Ah! Could you just die with cuteness?! I could! I cannot wait to see these guys on our cake. Well, I mean, I've all ready seen them on our cake, but I mean in pictures of course ;-).

What are you guys topping it off with?


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